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      Propose new initiatives and make the ideas more concrete in the #governance channel.
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      Note that this stage is informal and it is not restricted to the specific channel/platform.
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      Create a proposal on the forum using the template, and continue the discussion.
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    Voting Round 1 on Discord
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      If enough alternatives are considered and discussions are held, start a voting round on the #voting channel. Make sure to provide a link to the forum proposal.
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      If the proposal gets more than 3 votes from the members of levels higher than the proposer (or equal to, if the proposer's level is 5), it will be promoted to Snapshot by the Moderators.
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    Voting Round 2 on Snapshot
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      The 2nd voting round will be anywhere from 3 to 7 days, depending on the project. Anyone with an AIN DAO Membership NFT can cast a vote.