AINFT Tokenomics


AI Network has developed a model for tokenomics in AINFT projects. It focuses on the sustainable growth of the community by providing sufficient rewards to its members – especially the NFT holders – as well as growing the AI Network ecosystem along with the projects'.

NFT Holder Reward Mechanics

Activity Rewards

Users can earn $Token through activities on the project's platforms or other metaverses as part of the profit-sharing system. The treasury will decide how much of the revenue they will share with the NFT holders, buy tokens from the DEX, and deposit the tokens in the reward pool smart contract.

"Staking" NFTs

Users can "stake" their NFTs to boost the rewards. Note that the smart contract does not require the users to actually transfer the ownership of their NFTs at any point. They would only need to verify their ownership and select the NFTs to level up. The higher the level of the NFT you own, the more rewards it will earn.

Relationship with $AIN

One of the key functionalities of this token economy framework is increasing the usage of $AIN. The $Token is listed on a DEX, paired with $AIN, and the treasury buys $Token with the project's profits and distributes $Token to the NFT holders. This way, the success of the AIN ecosystem is coupled with the success of each AINFT project as well.


The Mysterious MiniEggs! is a collection of 100 mysteriously adorable MiniEggs. It is also a live implementation of the AI Network's token economy model. In the MiniEgg ecosystem, there are $FANCO ERC20 tokens and MiniEgg NFTs. Its major metaverse platforms include aFan (available on Android, iOS, and on the web), Tiniverse, and its Discord server. Initially, the profits are shared among the MiniEgg holders equally, but the team is also planning to activate the leveling mechanics, which will reward the holders proportionally to their contributions and activities on the metaverses.

Reward-generating activities

  • Playing with MiniEggs on the MiniEgg+ devices

  • Posting on aFan

  • Leaving comments on the posts on aFan

  • Liking others' posts on aFan

  • Following others on aFan

And many more types of activities will be added to the list!


  • MiniEgg NFT

    • Total supply: 100

    • Minting price: 0.1 ETH

  • $FANCO ERC20

    • Total supply: 100,000,000,000

    • $FANCO has been released through a fair launch. All profits, i.e. from MiniEggs sales, go to the treasury and will be distributed back to the MiniEgg holders. The rule is simple; MiniEgg holders will earn passive income, as a reward for being the community members and investors, and they can earn even more if they generate activities on certain platforms such as aFan, MiniEgg Discord server, and Tiniverse.

Soul Fiction is the largest AINFT project in the world created in part by 15,000 Soulink holders (a.k.a. Soulinkers) and renowned hyper-realism artist, Mr. Kang Hyung Koo. Soulinkers take part in "awakening," or training, the Imperator of Mars, an AI chatbot currently living in the Soul Fiction Discord server but will soon reach Mars. Soulinkers can earn $SOULWATT while training the AI or collectively writing a fiction.

Reward-generating activities (WIP)

  • Talking to the Imperator of Mars

  • Visiting the Soul Gate and interacting with the Imperator of Mars

  • Participating in the writing of the Soul Fiction Comic


  • Soulink NFT

    • Total supply: 15,000

    • Minting price: 0.08 ETH


    • Total supply: TBD

The minting event and OpenSea page are coming soon!

The NFT Classics Society is showcasing the Original Stradivarius NFT that represents the one and only Antonio Stradivari, Cremona, 1683, “Cobbett” violin. With the help of the members of the NFT Classics Society, the AIs for 3D modeling the violin and converting sounds to those of the violin will be developed and improved. The NFT Classics Society plans to do the same for other amazing classical instruments and the NFT holders will not only get to own one-of-a-kind digital instruments but also earn rewards along the way.

Reward-generating activities (WIP)

  • TBD


  • The Original Stradivarius NFT

    • Total supply: 1

  • The Stradivarius AINFT

    • Total supply: TBD

  • $TOKEN ERC20

    • Total supply: TBD

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