Runo (Run Your Node)

RUNO NFT is essential for building AI collaboration infrastructure. GPUs sold by RUNO are used as materials for GPU Sponsorship.

Runo is a node NFT character of the AI Network blockchain project. Runo NFT holders can use Runo to provide computing resources to the AI Network mainnet, and receive daily AIN token rewards. In addition, Runo is a dynamic NFT that levels up and evolves according to the node's operating period. If you want to participate in an AI Network project that creates an Internet infrastructure for artificial intelligence and metaverse in the Web3 era, buy Runo NFT and keep collecting AIN tokens.

Early Adopters Earn More

The earlier you mint, the better! Runo NFTs minted earlier will let you earn more $AIN than Runo NFTs minted later!

Stronger Node, More AIN

Runo NFT has three node types: High GPU, GPU, and CPU. High GPU Runo has the highest performance and brings the most AINs. Buy the type of Runo that you want with AIN.

Run Longer, Higher Rarity & Profit

The longer Runo runs, the higher the level goes. The appearance of Runo evolves as the level goes higher, which turns your NFT into an NFT with a higher rarity, enabling you to earn more AINs. Be the first to Buy the Runo NFT, and make yours evolve faster than others.

How to Participate as a Resource Provider in an AI Network Ecosystem

Follow AI Network Twitter and join AIN DAO Discord for the latest updates. To see more about Runo, visit the AI Network website.

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