GPU Sponsorship Program

We provide collaborative GPUs to make AI more accessible to the community.

The GPU resources collected from Runo will be provided to projects that can positively impact the AI ecosystem's growth and development. It creates a connection point for a true AI collaboration infrastructure.

The allocation of resources to projects that will activate the AI Network ecosystem is determined by AIN DAO. AIN DAO is a community of people building the AI Network, an AI collaboration ecosystem. AI Network does not see AI as belonging to individuals or organizations. We believe that β€œAI for All” can be achieved in the true sense when AI is managed in collaboration with the community, as AI data and resources are products of social processes. This is why AI Network operates the AI collaboration ecosystem community as a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization).

AIN DAO comprises various AI experts, including resource providers (investors), researchers, developers, and AI service creators, who agree to build the AI collaboration infrastructure. Through their consensus, resource provision projects are selected, and these selected projects are given the opportunity for Runo sales for GPU sponsorship.

How to apply to this GPU Sponsorship Program?

Please read the below slide, copy this template, and submit the proposal with the details.

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