AIN Wallet API

This document describes how to access AIN Wallet in a JavaScript based web app. Before following this article, make sure you have installed the AIN Wallet.

What does AIN Wallet API do?

AIN Wallet injects a JavaScript API into websites using the window.ainetwork object. This API allows websites to request users' AI Network accounts, and assists users in signing messages or sending transactions.



window.ainetwork.getAddress(): Promise<string>

Returns the address of the currently active account.


window.ainetwork.getBalance(): Promise<number>

Returns the AIN token balance of the currently active account.


window.ainetwork.signMessage(message: string): Promise<string>

Returns the signature for message signed with the private key of the currently active account.


interface SetOperation {
  ref: string;
  value: any | undefined | null;
  is_global?: boolean;

interface SetMultiOperation {
  type: "SET";
  op_list: SetOperation[];

interface TransactionInput {
  parent_tx_hash?: string;
  operation: SetOperation | SetMultiOperation;
  nonce?: number;
  address?: string;
  timestamp?: number;
  gas_price?: number;
  billing?: string;

window.ainetwork.sendTransaction(txInput: TransactionInput): Promise<string>

Sends transaction to the AI Network, and returns the transaction hash.

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