MiniEggs are unique NFTs, from which AI-powered characters hatch. Every moment you spend with your MiniEgg in the metaverse becomes the data that fuels its growth and shapes its personality and appearances over time. You can also get additional benefits depending on your MiniEgg’s activity levels. AI Network will record data on various NFT activities in the metaverse and use it for creating and improving AI characters.


What are MiniEggs?

MiniEggs are unique NFTs, from which AI-powered characters hatch. Every moment you spend with your MiniEgg in the metaverse becomes the data that fuels its growth and shapes its personality and appearances over time.

Where can I buy MiniEggs?

You can buy MiniEggs on OpenSea.

How can I check my MiniEgg's level and activity history?

Go to the aFan Tiniverse discord server and use this command in the #minieggs channel: /stats <ainft_name> <ainft_id>. The AINFT name will have only the MiniEggs option for now and enter your miniegg number (1, 2, ... 100) for the AINFT ID. The spec is the activity history of your MiniEggs recorded on AIN Blockchain. You will be able to see the numbers increase as you play with your MiniEgg.

In the future, you will be able to check the level & history on aFan after connecting your Ethereum address.

How do I increase my MiniEgg's level?

By playing with it on MiniEgg+. See How do I play MiniEgg+? for more information.

Once it's connected with your aFan account, your aFan activities will also increase its level. The connecting feature is coming soon!

What is MiniEgg+?

A device through which you can interact with your MiniEggs. The activities on MiniEgg+ are recorded on AIN Blockchain and used to level up your MiniEggs, boost your rewards, and update the personalities of your MiniEggs/AINFTs to be hatched from the MiniEggs.

How can I use MiniEgg+?

Please refer to the guide below. If you have any questions, visit our Discord and ask the mods & the community!

Why should I have Miniegg? What's the benefit of being an MiniEgg holder?

MiniEggs are interactable AINFTs that you can play with. On top of that, the holders will be rewarded with $FANCO for being the sponsors, generating data, and being active in the community.

What is Tiniverse?

Tiniverse is a metaverse where AINFTs and humans can explore. There will be AINFT galleries and games in Tiniverse.

What is aFan?

aFan is an SNS powered by $FANCO tokens. Activities and users on aFan can be rewarded for or funded with $FANCO. MiniEgg holder benefits will be given to the holder's aFan account.

To get the aFan app:

What is $FANCO?

$FANCO is an ERC20 token that fuels the MiniEggs, Tiniverse, and aFan ecosystem. It's used to fund creators and reward users for their activities on metaverse.

Where can I buy $FANCO?

You can earn $FANCO in aFan by signing up, posting photos, etc. MiniEgg rewards will be given out in $FANCO as well. We're also planning to list $FANCO on Uniswap in the near future.

MiniEgg+ Guides

Playing MiniEgg+

Your MiniEgg+ will have either a demo egg or a MiniEgg you bought. We will provide an interface to switch the MiniEggs in the future.

Button instructions

  • There's an on/off toggle on the left side of the MiniEgg+, and 3 main buttons at the front.

  • Left button (L)

    • It opens up the menu on the starting screen and is used to navigate the menu.

  • Center button (C)

    • Use this button to select screens and options.

  • Right button (R)

    • Use this button to cancel or go back.

Currently, you can do these activities with your MiniEgg:

  1. Give hearts to your MiniEgg

    1. Press L to see the menu, and C to select the heart❀️ emoji. If you went passed the heart, no worries! keep pressing L until you come back to the heart.

    2. On the heart screen, you'll see the number of hearts available and the time left until the next refill. Give your MiniEgg some loveπŸ’• by pressing C.

    3. If you run out of hearts, you'll need to wait until the next refill, shown at the top of the screen.

    4. If you want to go back to the initial screen, press R.

  2. Play lullabies to your MiniEgg

    1. Press L to see the menu, and select the sleepy face😴 emoji.

    2. You can select which dream your MiniEgg will have. Each dream has different background and music and provides different types of experiences to your MiniEgg. The types of XPs you earn may influence the characteristics of your MiniEgg and/or an AI that hatches from the MiniEgg in the futureπŸ˜‰

    3. Your MiniEgg will wake from the sweet dream after 3 hours. You can check out how many XPs the egg has gained from the dream. This is the sum of the different types of points you earned, and you can see the detailed breakdown on the AIN Blockchain explorer: https://insight.ainetwork.ai/database/values/apps/miniegg_plus/<your egg id>

Connecting to Wi-Fi

If you're not connected to Wi-Fi, you'll see a Wi-Fi setting screen when you turn your MiniEgg+ on ("Wi-Fi connection failed. Searching other Wi-Fi...").

Choose one from the options and enter the password (this may be a little tedious, sorry guys😿)

If you're already connected to Wi-Fi and would like to change it, you can reset it using a script.

Charging batteries

You can charge your MiniEgg+ by connecting it to a power source with a cable given along with the device.

Inserting another MiniEgg / NFT

If you buy a MiniEgg, we will insert your MiniEgg into a MiniEgg+ device. We will soon publish a guide so you can buy another MiniEgg and put it in yourself.

For those who want to insert other NFTs (e.g. BAYC) into MiniEgg+ devices, contact info@ainetwork.ai.

Adding a new game

New games are on their way! We will provide scripts for downloading them to your device and/or a website where you can more easily connect your device and download games.


My MiniEgg+ is stuck in the loading screen 😱

Please try turning it off and on again with the on/off toggle on the left side of the device. If the problem persists, contact our mods at the Discord #minieggs channel.

If you still have any unanswered questions, ask our mods & community at Discord!

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