AI Network
MiniEggs are unique NFTs, from which AI-powered characters hatch. Every moment you spend with your MiniEgg in the metaverse becomes the data that fuels its growth and shapes its personality and appearances over time. You can also get additional benefits depending on your MiniEgg’s activity levels. AI Network will record data on various NFT activities in the metaverse and use it for creating and improving AI characters.
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What are MiniEggs?
Where can I buy MiniEggs?
How can I check my MiniEgg's level and activity history?
How do I increase my MiniEgg's level?
What is MiniEgg+?
How can I use MiniEgg+?
Why should I have Miniegg? What's the benefit of being an MiniEgg holder?
What is Tiniverse?
What is aFan?
What is $FANCO?
Where can I buy $FANCO?

MiniEgg+ Guides

Playing MiniEgg+
Connecting to Wi-Fi
Charging batteries
Inserting another MiniEgg / NFT
Adding a new game
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