AINFT Factory

AINFT Factory is a tool for AINFT communities to manage their projects. It helps manage the data of the community members and the AINFTs in trustable manners by bridging the communities and the common backends such as decentralized storage, blockchain database, and AI model backends. More specifically, AINFT Factory is a platform that provides common APIs for AINFT communities to build up their tokenomics. Table 1 summarizes such APIs.

Table 1. APIs of AINFT Factory.

CategoryAPI summaryNotes


create project, delete project


manage the access to the project


manage user assets such as NFTs and credits


manage community events and rewards


manage community item stores

AI model

manage communication between AI models


manage devices and games

Using the APIs provided by AINFT Factory, each community can realize their own tokenomics by building their community bots, community homepages, or community devices. Currently, AINFT Factory APIs support Ethereum ERC721 tokens and AIN Blockchain as a blockchain database. Also the platform provides some Solidity template code for deploying new ERC721 NFTs and TypeScript template code for developing Discord community bots and AI model bots.

The AINFT projects implemented upon AINFT Factory can benefit in:

  • Managing user-owned NFT collection lists

  • Managing metadata in AIN Blockchain

  • Managing metadata in decentralized storage

  • Managing the AI models attached to AINFTs

  • Managing AINFT devices

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