๐Ÿ›ธSoul Fiction

Soul Fiction is the worldโ€™s largest AINFT project, created in part by 15,000 Soulinkers and the renowned hyperrealism artist Mr. Kang, best known for the portrait "The Imperator of Mars," which was later digitized. Soul Fiction is a concoction of AI + NFT + Art featuring the works of Mr. Kang. Soulinkers (owners of the Soulink NFTs) are the artists who create the ultimate masterpiece of Soul Fiction, "The Imperator of Mars" AINFT, by collectively training and augmenting the original chatbot. AI Network enables the community to record all the interactions between the AINFT and Soulinkers and increase the intelligence of the AINFT by large-scale machine learning with the interaction data. AI Network will run the AINFT as a live service on the metaverse.

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